We offer a unique development/education philosophy.

Each child has a unique developmental timetable and learning style. Skilled staff carefully design developmental and educational activities so that children can learn and discover. Observation, hands-on exploration and peer interaction are vital to form the skills needed for future success.

We offer qualified and passionate staff.

  • Long-term staff who are state-licensed at all levels. 
  • Teaching teams receive on-going training, are CPR-certified and have federal background checks on file. 
  • Our directors have 65+ years of experience between them. 
  • We are committed to caring for children by maintaining a genuine love and respect for the individual child.

We offer our commitment providing a safe and child-friendly environment.

  • Age-appropriate classrooms are well supplied with learning materials.
  • We have an indoor play area, gym, and a state-of-the-art outdoor playground to use daily.
  • All rooms have walkie-talkie communication.
  • State child-to-adult ratios are strictly maintained.
  • Safety is vital; therefore, all parents are required to sign in/out or use our computerized fob system.

We intend to build a partnership with each family.

  • Useful newsletters are sent out monthly regarding events, themes and opportunities to be involved.
  • Opportunities are available for you assist with field trips and classroom projects.
  • Parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring.
  • You are encouraged to visit your child's classroom at any time. 
  • We encourage you to be involved with your child's development and learning.

How will my child be enriched at ECCEC?


Teachers build a classroom curriculum based on the needs and interests of the children. Age-appropriate activities provide opportunities to learn problem solving, classification and recognition that are essential for reading, writing, math, science, art and music.


Children are given many opportunities to fine-tune gross and fine motor skills. Activities in the classroom, gym and playground help children broaden their skill levels.


The first aspect of good emotional health is to know you are loved unconditionally. A creative, loving atmosphere ensures your child learns s/he is a person of worth, created by a loving God. We also help each child define what s/he feels inside and find appropriate ways to express those emotions.


We realize that a group setting is the appropriate place to learn to work together and show respect for one another. We provide opportunities for the development of these social skills through individual and group activities in age-appropriate classrooms.


Uniquely, our school seeks to incorporate Christian values through guided conversations and spontaneous teachable moments. Our staff models Christian attitudes in the classrooms while accepting and loving children.

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