Elmbrook Church Child Enrichment Center

777 South Barker Rd. • Brookfield, WI 53045 • USA

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• Regular contracted time consists of at least two days per week.
• Any family enrolling more than one child will receive a 10% discount for additional children.
• Tuition is based on a school year of approximately 36 weeks divided by 9 months. Therefore, you will pay the same amount each month including 
​   December when the Center is closed for the Christmas holidays and when there are five weeks in a month.
• No substitute or makeup days will be allowed, nor credit given for absences, vacations, or snow days.

• From June through August ECCEC runs our summer program on a weekly basis as we know many family schedules change during the summer
​   months. Unlike our school year, you will pay for the weeks you sign up for which allows room for vacations and other summer programming. 

• Our summer rates are figured based on the total number of weeks each child is attending during the month so unlike the school year the total
   monthly cost can vary. Please contact us for Summer Program information.


• Additional fees charged for field trips and hot lunch (optional).

• Any daily extension of contracted times results in the drop-in fee $10.00 per hour.
• Reservations for a specific day may be made in advance by calling the Center. There is a minimum time charge of 4 hours per day when an
​   additional day is added (9:00am - 1:00pm).
• Children will be accepted for drop-in on a given day if space is available.

FinanciaL Policy

• Tuition fees are due on the 1st of the month. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, services will not be available until payment
   is received in full.

• Payment options: cash/check/online payment using account transfer or credit card.
• There is an automatic $25.00 service charge for NSF checks.
• The Center opens at 7:15am and closes at 6:00pm according to the stipulations of our license. A charge of $1.00 per minute will be assessed
​   after 6:00pm. After 1:00pm scheduled pickup time there will be a late fee as well.

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During the first five years of development in a child's life, more information is gained than in four years of college! Therefore, we believe the 'best' environment, the 'best' staff, and the 'best' developmental approaches need to be invested in these years. Success during these critical early stages has been traced to success even in adulthood.

Therefore, we have spent the years since 1975 building an environment that will assist you in your efforts. Not only do we add the foundation of faith, but we encourage a multicultural enrollment of children and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or creed. We hope you decide to choose us to care for your child!